Choose a Sign Material

The letters and graphics are placed on the substrates via one of two ways. (for extensive orders we may use silkscreen printing):

1.      We create lettering and graphics using quality vinyl (decals if you will). You can choose from an extensive host of vinyl material including etched glass, holographic, metallic, etc. The complete list of materials available is listed under the vinyl lettering material dropdown list on the design center.

2.     We digitally print the text and/or graphics on the substrate. This is usually much more economical when full colored lettering and graphics are required. It is also normally faster but does not allow the extreme variation in effects such as holographic or etched glass. If an image or lettering require more than three colors or there are gradations in color or shading we use digital printing.

  Banners Material w/ Vinyl Lettering

Our banners are made of vinyl and will be hemmed and grommeted in 2 ft. intervals unless otherwise specified. We offer three types of banners based on the durability required. Our economical banner consists of 8 to 10 mil vinyl. It is lightweight and primarily for indoor use (we do not recommend that it be printed on both sides because letters and images can sometimes be seen through the material). Our standard banner consists of 13 oz vinyl and is durable enough for outdoor use. Our double-sided banner consists of 16 oz vinyl. The banner is thick enough so that the other side cannot be seen through the banner in sunlight. We do offer additional sizes but special quotes are required.

  Lexan (Acrylic)

Acrylic (Lexan) is a trade name for this material) has strength and durability. It also tends not to fade because the pigments are within the material. We normally sell it as clear material, but colors can be specifically requested.  The standard thickness is 1/8 inch.


It is thin and lightweight but surprisingly durable. It is constructed with corrugated plastic (Rigid Coroplast) as the core with aluminum on the exterior of both sides (reason for the added strength). You can put screws through the material just like MDO ( Medium Density Overlay) signboard but it does not have the heavy weight of wood (hammering is not recommended). It can be cleaned with a cloth or washed with detergent if tough to remove spots occur. The standard thickness is 5 to 8 mm.

Most recognize it as the material used in large signs for any application. It is lightweight yet durable and weather resistant. It can also be trimmed. It is typically used with h-stakes and metal frames. We do not recommend this substrate for signs that will be outdoors for extensive periods (greater that several months).


PVC has many different types of trade names including Sintra, Celuka board, etc. It is a polyfoam board that is a hard durable plastic perfect for indoor use in trade shows, POP displays, etc. or outdoor signage. It also does not warp.


Aluminum is extremely durable and weather resistant and consequently is well suited for outdoor signage (baked enamel on solid aluminum). It comes in four thicknesses - 0.032, 0.040, 0.063, and 0.080 mm. It is resistant to rusting and temperatures below -40 degrees F.   


The substrate is perfect for any metal object such as cars, trucks, trailers, etc. The sign is durable and the magnetic adhesion will not harm the painted surfaces it is placed on. It will adhere to any flat metallic surface and come in a standard thickness of 0.030 inches. If you do not want permanent lettering than magnetic signs are for you. They can also be applied to non-magnetic surfaces with tape (but we do not recommend this). The substrate has an outdoor life of more than a year under most conditions. The sign makes for great mobile advertising.  

Foam, Redwood

Carved and Sandblasted signs are an elegant means of promoting your company's services. We use Quality Redwood, Foam, and PVC to create storefront (fascia), ground (monumental)  applications. We offer thousands of fonts and designs  to create your image.             


Architectural Signage - office signs, monument signs, cast letters, plaques, designed to meet your specifications and needs.

Both 2 and 3 dimensional materials, solid and laminate. Logos and letters can be made from aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, plastic, stainless steel, and wood.

Custom Cut Vinyl

Custom Cut Lettering: Vinyl. Masked high-performance vinyl lettering, Cash & carry, customer installed.

Priced one color, per square ft., additional Charges include 50% more for additional colors, small lettering, reflective or specialty film, heavy copy (More Than 10 Words),

Delivery and or Installation, Design Time and Customer supplied Graphics Files.

Custom Carved

Custom Carved Signs are custom carved by hand and/or a CNC router.

We use HDU (High Density Urethane Board) and pricing is according to various dimensions and square footage, basic, intermediate or complex layouts.

Additional Charges for reflective and specialty films, gold leaf, redwood stock (instead of HDU board), digital printing, logo design, customer supplied graphics files, posts or monument design and fabrication, installation

Digital Printing on Vinyl or Substrates

Digital Wide Format Color solvent-based inks on vinyl film and banner stock priced per square foot printing on vinyl, premium, Laminate, premium, vinyl economy, Laminate economy. $45.00 Minimum Charge. Magnetic, banners, D-Bond, Sintra, also can be digitally printed.

Additional Charges for reflective or specialty films, design time, customer supplied graphic files and lamination.
Custom Hand Painting

Custom Hand Lettered Signs 1-Shot, Ronan’s Led-Free Sign Paints used for paper, showcard, banners, magnetic, D-Bond, MDO and a multitude of other substrates priced per square foot..

Basic jobs: pleasing arrangement of the copy, usually in one color.

Intermediate: Two Colors and possibly a panel, border or simple graphic for more appeal.

Complex: Three or more colors with outlines or shades, with panels, border or graphic for even more appeal and impact.

$45.00 Minimum Charge.

Custom Electrical Signage

Electrical Signs: U.L. Approved Electric Sign Cabinets, single 6.5” Extruded Aluminum or 2 sided internally illuminated 9” extruded aluminum. Automotive Finishes.

Flat Panel, Pan Formed faces, Embossed pan faces.

Electronic (Digital Signs), LED (Channel Letters/Sign Cabinets),

Fine Art & Mural Gallery

Over the years Vincent, operating as Signs By Vincent has created many custom signs, logo designs, displays, fine art and novelty promotional pieces that demonstrate the creative talents of a local son, expressing his heritage and life as remembered. His murals and fine art have become tributes to the people they represent.